Airplane Model

Airplane Model: Best Jet Models

Airplane ModelAn airplane model can be an aesthetic delight in a living room and if it has an engine it could help you pass time as you fly it outdoors. Some model collectors buy them because of their historical significance. Other people collect these models because they are simply airplane enthusiasts. Among the most popular ones are those of jet airplanes. Though some people consider the word “jet” as a synonym for airplane, the term actually refers to airplanes that run on jet engines. Let’s look at the some of the best jet models and the history behind them:

P-59 Airacomet (1942)

Though it was not the most powerful jet of the time, it was among the airplanes that changed American military aviation. It was the first jet powered fighter made in America and was manufactured by American engineers at General Electric.
The aircraft was an American version of Britain’s E.28/39 jet airplanes. Its first flights were compounded with engine problems and it had to be upgraded several times and was even sent to war before it was perfected. This was because the arms race in the Second World War was too intense and Germany and Britain had already developed their own fighter jets. An airplane model of P-59 Airacomet is a favorite for many collectors interested in military history.

Boeing B-47 Starojet (1951)

The design of this airplane inspired the traditional layout visible in many of the jets today. It was first proposed in 1945 but took its first flight in 1947. The airplane could carry three crew members made up of a bombardier and two pilots. To get the huge airplane of the ground, engineers fitted it with eighteen boosters propelled by rockets. However, its bombing duties were reduced when the Soviets developed surface-to-air missile systems.

F/A-18 Hornet (1983)

The airplane is still in service today and is considered as one of the most lethal military jet fighters. It is a twin engine carrier that has been used successfully in a number of wars with only a few that were shot down by enemy fire. It has the ability of taking a lot of damage because the designers wanted to increase the chances for the pilot’s survivability. The airplane takes a short time to maintain and repair. An F/A-18 Hornet airplane model would be great to show off to friends.

B-2 Spirit (1997)

It was also called the “stealth bomber” and was the first tailless airplane. Its small heat signature and profile made it very effective in infiltrating enemy airspace unnoticed and hitting targets quickly before leaving the area unnoticed. The B-2 was developed in the 70’s and unveiled years later in 1988. It was first used in the war over Kosovo 1999 and also in Afghanistan 2001. The very shape of this airplane gives it that futuristic feel even before you consider its capabilities.
These are just some of the most popular jets. Their airplane models are also easy to find in most stores and can also be purchased online.

Photo courtesy of thegreatlandoni


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