Why You Should not Be Intimidated by Bowties

Why You Should not Be Intimidated by BowtiesA majority of men neither like wearing neckties nor bowties. They see these clothing items as unnecessary, restrictive and old fashioned. Bowties have particularly been misunderstood as intimidating and only suitable for fashion lovers, entertainers and nutty professors.
However, bowties are supposed to be a fun way to make a statement to bystanders that you are not afraid to experiment with your fashion sense. At the same time, since most people do not wear them anyway, it should help you stand out in a crowd and attract attention from the right people. Even James Bond wears a bowtie and he still gets to be a tough guy.
There are men who do not know when and where to wear these time defying clothing items. Fortunately, bowties can be worn for almost any event, whether it is formal or informal. You just have to be careful about the color of the bowtie and the shirt you wear with it. Let us look at three events and the bowties you can wear in them:
Formal events
These events are usually reserved so you should not be too fashionably experimental in them. A black bow tie and a dark suit will do. The black bowtie is a safe choice because it is really easy to match with almost any dark suit and it makes you give an impression that you are a respectable gentleman. So you can wear it at a gala, funeral, wedding and other formal events where you would wear a tie. In a white tie event, a white bowtie is the perfect choice. You never know, your future boss might be at the formal event, so keep your multicolored bowtie for another event.
First date
You need to make the best first impression at your first date. So try to pick a bowtie that will make you look suave and dashing. Choose a bowtie that will help you break the ice in your conversations with your date but not one that will draw all of your date’s attention away from you. So the best choice for a first date would be a bowtie with dark colored, wide square patterns matched with a button up shirt of any color. Just make sure the color of your shirt is not too bright- it should not be a baby “anything” or bright “anything” color.
I am talking about parties where there will be a lot of jumping, drinking, shouting and kissing. In such parties you should wear a bowtie that draws all the girls’ attention to you. Do not be afraid to experiment with bowtie colors for such parties. Here, you are free to choose bright colors if you want to but avoid bowties that will make you look eccentric. Make sure the bowtie you choose is stain proof or one that can be cleaned easily by wiping it with a damp towel.
These are just some of the events where you can wear bowties. Bowties can be worn by any man no matter how old they are. This timeless clothing accessory is easy to pull off and match with most of your clothes and it can be worn in almost any event.
Michael Rodgers


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