Is a 4K Television a Better Option for Gaming

Are you one of those gamers who appreciate top-notch graphic cards and displays that

4K screens
4K screens

deliver crisp and clear images? Well then, all the noise about 4K televisions must have caught your attention and made your ears twitch with expectation. The thought of playing video games with your friends on a Saturday night on a screen that quadruples the number of pixels in a full HD image probably makes your gaming hands tremble. Additionally, gaming on such a screen with your Oculus Rift glasses would be an amazing experience, especially when you are shooting your way through a jungle or an intense war zone in a first person game.
However, you probably lost all hope when you heard about the price of the 4K Ultra HD television; a debilitating $1000 to $3500 price tag. Despite this, are you really missing out on a good gaming experience here? The most accurate answer for this is the awkward yes and no. Yes because 4K television is the latest display technology and it truly adds more depth, detail and color resolution to an image (3840 by 2160 resolution). No matter how close you move to the screen you never get to see any pixels and the images remain sharp. This makes it suitable mostly for PC gamers who usually sit very close to their screens when they are playing games.
A 4K screen also completely gets rid of aliasing, which is an irritating effect that makes some parts of an image shine like strobes. In other words, these televisions provide richer and more realistic objects and environments. Additionally, if you also dabble in photography and filming, you will not have a hard time editing your content.
On the other hand, a no answer to 4K screens or televisions is also relevant. To begin with, all humans have a 20-20 vision and this means that image quality on any display will look the same to you depending on how far you are sitting from the screen. So, a 1080p screen would seem just as good as a 4K screen depending on how far away from the screen you sit. As a result, video gamers will still have the same gaming experience with either screen because they tend to sit farther away from their screens anyway.
Additionally, the PS4 and Xbox 360 can hardly run games smoothly in 4K screens. Top graphics card makers like AMD and Nvidia are still scrambling to make powerful video cards that can run games fluidly in 4K. Digital Versus carried out an experiment where they ran the most powerful video cards in the market in 4K screens you can see the results here

. They concluded that to run a fluid frame rate in 4K, you need two powerful and expensive cards or more working together.
All in all, a video game is not just rated as good because of the amount of horsepower it offers but also how much entertainment it delivers. If it’s a good game, your friends will surely appreciate it and have a good time whether you have 1080p screen or a breath-taking clear 4K television. You can get more information about 4K UHDTVs here.


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